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Beneteau New Boat Models


The first BENETEAU boats sailed from the shipyards of Croix-de-Vie over 135 years ago. Since that time, the BENETEAU brand has been synonymous with quality and innovation to all those who have taken to the water – first by the fishermen who made their livelihood from the sea and then by the legions of recreational boaters around the globe.

Over the years, the commitment to innovating and embracing ideas, no matter how unconventional, has been at the forefront of who they are, in order to bring you the best boat possible. BENETEAU was one of the first boatbuilders many years ago to use computer-aided design (CAD) as well as lighter, stronger composite building materials. They’ve also been at the cutting edge of using greener materials and processes to do their part in protecting the incredible world which we explore. However, all this innovation doesn’t mean they’ve turned their back on tradition. One thing that was discovered in over a century of boatbuilding is that new-world innovations work best with old-school craftsmanship. This combination has resulted in some of the most iconic sailboats and powerboats in the world – supremely seaworthy yachts renowned for their sense of style, luxury, and comfort along with their creative use of space and new technologies.

BENETEAU Sailboat Range:

BENETEAU built their first sailboats over 135 years ago and many things have changed since then. The oak they once relied on has been replaced with strong but lightweight resin and carbon fiber. Where canvas once caught the wind, now it’s Kevlar and Vectran. They’ve transformed dark, confining saloons and cabins into bright, open living spaces. And the list of innovations in hull design and navigation continues to grow at a rapidly increasing pace.

However, some things haven’t changed and never will. Benjamin BENETEAU’s philosophy of building the strongest, safest, most beautiful boats on the water is alive and well. The BENETEAU family’s pride in craftsmanship and passion for performance can easily be recognized in every FIRST, FIGARO, OCEANIS, and OCEANIS YACHT built today.

Knowing what to keep and what to change – that’s why BENETEAU continues to set the bar in sailing.


Our 7th generation of the First range offers you the experience of pure sailing joy while staying true to our standards for safety and stability. She is lightweight with a streamlined design, making her highly adaptable to whatever the wind and water have in store. The First is fast but forgiving, spicy but safe – perfect for the thrill-seeking novice or seasoned competitive sailor alike.


A marvel in racing innovation, the Figaro BENETEAU 3 is the first production foiling one-design monohull to ever grace the seas. Designed in collaboration between BENETEAU and Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prévost (the architects of the last two Vendée Globe winners), her greatest and most visible feature is the inverted foiling system created to reduce drift and improve the righting moment without increasing movement. The Figaro BENETEAU 3’s radical design makes her the logical choice when winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing!


Oceanis is the range of long-distance, blue water cruisers, and for years has set the standard for sailboat design and construction. With a hull that is a marvel in hydrodynamics, Oceanis delivers superior performance while providing stability and safety under sail. Despite her strong sea legs, she doesn’t sacrifice luxury and comfort. You can choose your layout based on the different configurations below deck and also have your choice of interior finishes. Your Oceanis will be a joy to sail and be your home away from home.


The Oceanis Yacht is the culmination of our Oceanis philosophy where cruising comfort, performance, and customization reigns supreme. Her elegant design and luxurious interiors add a new dimension to life at sea with an enormous saloon, impressive galley, spacious staterooms, and plenty of ambient light from the many large windows and skylights. Despite her lavish details, our Oceanis Yacht maneuvers like a smaller yacht thanks to a perfectly centered sail plan and twin rudders. She is a yacht that represents the art of sailing at its regal best.

BENETEAU Philosophy: 

“We’re a lot like you. We love the water in all its forms – the ocean, bays, lakes, and rivers. And we love sharing the boating lifestyle with our family and friends. This love manifests itself in every BENETEAU built in any one of our many manufacturing facilities worldwide. Every BENETEAU sailboat and powerboat on the water reflects the best efforts of the finest architects, designers, and craftsmen along with the highest quality materials and the latest innovations.” – BENETEAU